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“To some extent, the power of such a post is due to the dramatic subject matter (a wrenching political event) and also to the writer’s skill. Yet the blog form, which accentuates this narrative, is accessible to anyone with a browser. Examples like Project 1968 offer ready models for aspiring writers to learn from. Even though the purpose of Project 1968 is not immediately tied to a class, it is a fine example for all sorts of curricular instances, from history to political science, creative writing to gender studies, sociology to economics.” – Educause on my work, “Project 1968”

H. Brandt Ayers, Anniston Star’s former publisher, resigns following allegations * January 2018
I was briefly mentioned in this article regarding rumors I heard about sexual harassment at the Anniston Star. 

Not in Our Theatre: The Fight Against Sexual Harassment
American Theatre * January 2016
I was interviewed about sexual harassment I experienced in theater.
The interview referenced a 2012 article I wrote at The Clyde Fitch Report,
Calling Out a Problem: Sexual Harassment & Theater.

Life as The Colonel: Decatur man portrays Col. Cullmann
Decatur Daily * October 6, 2015
This profile of Larry Rowlette, the man who portrays Colonel Cullmann, also mentions our film, “Becoming Colonel Cullmann.”

Premier Bank Presents Today on 2
Channel 2 Cullman
A televised interview about our film, “Becoming Colonel Cullmann.”

Cullman Movie Well Received at the Birmingham Sidewalk Film Festival
CullmanSense * September 3, 2014

A reporter accompanied us the screening of our film at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama.

Screen Gems: Film festival to feature 2 movies with local connections
Decatur Daily * August 18, 2014
A feature article that discusses our film, “Becoming Colonel Cullmann.”

Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre
Educause * October 23, 2008
My work, “Project 1968” was discussed in this article about emerging multimedia forms. 

The Beauty of Project 1968
Birmingham Weekly * August 21 – August 28, 2008
Courtney Haden interviewed me about my blog doc-novel, Project 1968. 

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