Interview with a Man Selling Political Buttons

I’ll get to the Coronavirus Pandemic in a hot minute but I wanted to post my research from the 2020 South Carolina Primary. This work is for my upcoming book series. On YouTube you will find footage of Joe Biden’s rally, along with moments from a Bernie Sanders event. 

However, I’m proudest of the interview I did with a man outside the Sanders rally in Myrtle Beach. He sold t-shirts, buttons and flags to the attendees. As I explain in the Gasp podcast, I’ve wondered about these vendors ever since I attended the Trump rally in Franklin, Tennessee back in 2015 – which was also for my book project. During that event, a vendor became a great resource for background information. I vowed that I would talk to a vendor during this election cycle. 

It’s hard to believe that the world has changed so much since these rallies took place. The South Carolina Primary took place during the last week in February. Even then, I was keenly aware of the disease, and I wondered what would happen in the coming weeks. During the Biden rally, we were all so close to the candidate when he came out to the stage. Indeed, I even touched his arm as he passed. (I wasn’t being inappropriate. We all reached out to him as he walked down the short aisle, and he put his hand out to us as well.) 

My mind drifted as he gave his speech. How would they keep the candidates safe from getting sick? Were either of these candidates worried about catching the disease? I have to admit, I was glad when they stopped campaigning in public. Though it also freaked me out a bit as well. It was a confirmation of the seriousness of it all. 

Anyway, I plan on uploading more Gasp Podcasts on YouTube in the future. Hope you enjoy this episode.