Announcing my new play: Moving Off Mercer Street

I’m pleased to announce that my new play, Moving Off Mercer Street, is now available. I’m intensely proud of this project for a variety of reasons. It has a seven-actor cast with some doubling. Most of the roles are open to all genders, races and ethnicities. The leading role is for a woman in her early 20s. There are also four pivotal monologues in this play.

Here’s the synopsis:
Louisa Crane is trapped. What started out as a fun relationship has become abusive and violent. For months she has tried to get help from her therapist, friends and a manager at work but has been turned away or ignored. Now, after breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, he traps her at the apartment. Louisa knows he will murder her. He leaves to decide her fate. Just as she gives up hope, two strangers appear to help her make one last attempt to free herself. Where she winds up next is not where she expected. 

Sometimes people from the future come to help you when no one in the present will.

Moving Off Mercer Street deals with domestic violence, mental health. There is a content warning for suicide, sexual assault and violence. (The violence is not reenacted on stage, only discussed.) The set requirements are minimal since the story relies on the strength of the actors.

Contact me if you would like to get a copy or casting breakdown. You can also visit the New Play Exchange for more information about my work. Go to my About page for details about my previous experiences in theater and publishing.

I’m looking forward to writing more about the process of creating this play. It was, to say the least, unusual. I’m also working on continuing to update this site. Thanks for your patience.