Gasp! with Laura Axelrod Podcast is Now Available

I’m happy to announce that Gasp! with Laura Axelrod is now also a podcast. It will be available at a variety of outlets, including Google PodcastsRadioPublicStitcherBreakeriTunes, Pocket Casts and Spotify.

Each podcast will feature a reading of a blog post, along with a discussion of the topic with a special guest. I will also include book reviews, interviews and a whole lot of other things. Maybe I will read some  of my work on it as well. The podcast will offer things not on the website and vice versa.

Why create a podcast when there’s a perfectly good blog? Good question. There won’t be room for comments on this site. Sure, it can drive up your page views. That’s nice but it comes at a cost. Comment moderation takes a ton of time. Weeding out spammers can be infuriating. After that, you might have a good discussion. Or you might end up with people who are abusive and lecture-prone. The Know-It-Alls of the world love to leave comments and try to make others feel very small. It’s the reason why I stopped including comments on other versions of Gasp. Who needs that nonsense?

As you can see, it’s been a while since I wrote in this blog. I’m hoping that things will become more streamlined as I get used to glitchy technology and all that. I’m still not sure of the frequency of the podcasts. Twice a month? Once a week? I don’t know. Much will depend on my schedule I suppose. I am presently gearing up for doing a bunch of writing in November, in connection with National Novel Writing Month. The thing is, I’ll be finishing up plays instead of novels. But they will both eventually be novels so I think that counts. If it doesn’t, don’t tell me. Oh wait, you can’t because I’m not allowing comments on this site.See? It’s all for the best.